BUDDY WALK® Video Contest, Cash Donations!

At ds-connex our mission is to help grow your Buddy Walk® event with more teams, volunteers and donors. While many of you don’t open your registrations for months, there is no better time for us to start creating the excitement! It’s going to be an incredible year as ds-connex creates a national buzz through social media, pursues national sponsorship and rolls out our customized fundraising solution (Stride) designed exclusively for the Buddy Walk®.

DS-connex will award a $1,000 cash donation to the Buddy Walk® event generating the largest number of short, spontaneous videos about what the Buddy Walk® means to you. In addition, we’ll donate three $500 cash donations directly to teams that we find particularly creative and inspiring. Promote your team, event date, number of years participating, where the money goes… the message is completely up to you, but make it exciting!

How to enter

Simply encourage your families and teams to create a short video (approximately 15 to 90 seconds in length) sharing why your team is passionate about the Buddy Walk®. It can be easily done with a phone or webcam. Email the video to us at whyweBuddyWalk@ds-connex.org and then we’ll share it on our Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest accounts using the hashtag #WhyWeBuddyWalk and #BuddyWalk. You can also email us the link to your video if you post it directly to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube account. Please include the hashtag #WhyWeBuddyWalk and #BuddyWalk in your message or video description.

By submitting a video, you are giving ds-connex permission to share your video across our social media platforms in order to raise awareness and excitement about the Buddy Walk® events nationwide.


Contest opens on Friday, March 21 – World Down Syndrome Day

Videos will be accepted until Monday, June 16, 2014

Winners will be announced and cash donations mailed on June 30, 2014.

What a great way to kick off your Buddy Walk® fundraising efforts this year – and for ds-connex to show our commitment to and support of the Buddy Walk® organizers, team captains and families who make it all possible! We look forward to seeing your #WhyWeBuddyWalk videos soon and hearing more great reasons for why we walk.

2 responses to “BUDDY WALK® Video Contest, Cash Donations!”

  1. Jeff Allen says:

    Thank you for the wonderful program and we plan to participate. If we submit multiple videos from the same team, I’m assuming we can be considered in multiple award categories.

  2. Tony Wells says:

    Absolutely, you can be considered for multiple categories. We look forward to seeing your team submissions. Have fun and let’s get the excitement started for the 2014 Buddy Walk.

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