#DidYouKnow: Tip Series for Buddy Walk® Organizers

As part of the ds-connex mission to help Buddy Walk® event organizers with their fundraising, community building and social media outreach, we share regular tips on these topics across our social media channels. These posts are shared on both Facebook and Twitter and are always hashtagged #DidYouKnow. In case you missed any of our recent #DidYouKnow tips, we’ve compiled them here for your reference.

Social Media and Community Building

• We maintain a list of ALL the #BuddyWalk folks on Twitter. Are we missing one? Let us know! https://twitter.com/dsconnex/lists/buddy-walks

• We run a regular feature on our Connexions blog where we profile different Buddy Walk events and help tell their fantastic, unique stories. You can read them all at this link and we have many more coming soon. If you’d like us to feature your ‪#‎BuddyWalk‬, just leave us a comment below!‬‬‬

• We share social media best practices on the ds-connex site to help Down syndrome organizations and Buddy Walk organizers make best use of Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Check it out! http://t.co/o3tbN6Djqz

• There’s a thriving Down syndrome community on Pinterest. Yes, Pinterest! If you’re only pinning recipes, crafts and travel pictures, you’re missing out. Check out our Buddy Walk® resources boards and‪ #‎Downsyndrome‬‬ inspiration boards as an example. http://www.pinterest.com/dsconnex/

• If you want to see all posts from Ds-connex, any other Down Syndrome Facebook page you support, go to that page and move your cursor to the top where the blue “thumbs up” symbol shows you’ve liked the page. Then click the drop-down arrow and make sure “Get Notifications” is checked. This ensures you will get all posts from that page!


• Gamification can breathe new life into your ‪#‎BuddyWalk ‬fundraising efforts. This post does a great job explaining how it works: http://t.co/AdlP8DWUZC‬‬‬

• Giveaways and raffle prizes are great ways to increase your fundraising the day of the event. Seek out sponsors with valuable prizes takes planning so start asking early. Check out some of the sponsors that ds-connex has created for you. Sign up on our site today! http://www.ds-connex.org/fundraising/sponsorship-partners/

• Corporate sponsorships are a critical part of your Buddy Walk® fundraising. ‪#‎BuddyWalk‬ events that employ a tiered sponsorship system raise an average of nearly $41,000 more than those that do not. We’ve done the research for you – download our free report here: http://t.co/ayqSBTgnfi‬‬‬

• The Kohl’s Cares program is perfect for your Buddy Walk® fundraising efforts. To qualify for an Associates in Action $500 grant, simply have five or more Kohl’s Associates from one Kohl’s location volunteer at your event for a minimum of three consecutive hours. You must be a 501c3 and funds must be used to support youth. Know anyone who works at Kohls? Time to start inviting them to volunteer at your Buddy Walk® event! http://t.co/0PaNM3jvZS

• If you’re a registered 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization, be sure you’re building relationships with your community’s local family foundations. Search and follow them on Twitter, like them on Facebook, and get to know them. They may be able to help fund your local programs!

Interested in reading more of our #DidYouKnow tips? Be sure to follow ds-connex on Twitter and like our page on Facebook. What are your other favorite resources for social media, community building and fundraising tips and information?

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