Learning from the Cincinnati, Ohio BUDDY WALK®

Author: Lara Kretler, ds-connex team member

At ds-connex, our mission is to serve and empower the Down syndrome community through customized outreach and fundraising solutions. Phone and email are great business communication tools, but what we love most is getting face to face with members of the community. That’s why we are so excited about the upcoming regional meeting in Cincinnati on April 25th.

Hosted by Jim Hudson, the Executive Director of the Down Syndrome Association of Greater Cincinnati (DSAGC), the day will include an afternoon of learning, sharing and building a stronger Buddy Walk® community. DSAGC puts on the largest Buddy Walk® in the central/southeast Ohio region with over 11,000 family members, supporters and volunteers in attendance last year. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn from Jim and his team about how they engaged their community in a day of celebration, created a louder advocacy voice for their families, and raised over $400,000.

In addition to meeting and learning from Jim and his team, we look forward to meeting with Buddy Walk® organizers from other communities in our region, including Cleveland, Dayton, and Toledo, OH as well as our neighbors from Bowling Green, KY and Owensboro, KY. It’s going to be a great event!

On the agenda

We’ll share a working session with deep dives into the following areas: • Buddy Walk® themes and principles • Event dynamics and logistics • Empowering and serving team captains • Managing volunteers • The value of online fundraising tools • Simple marketing strategies.

We expect a dynamic event with tons of Q&A, sharing and learning. The Wells Foundation is pleased to sponsor the event including refreshment, a cohort dinner and travel expenses. We’ll be sure to blog about the experience, especially any tips or ideas that could help other Buddy Walk® events to be even more successful in 2014.

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