How do I join the ds-connex community?

To join the ds-connex community, click on the “Get Started” button in the top navigation bar and fill out the form. After completing the form, one of our staff members will contact you for further discussion and to answer any questions.

How do I post a comment to the Connexions Blog?

The Connexions Blog welcomes comments from anyone who wants to share feedback/comments/questions after reading a post submitted by the ds-connex staff. Our primary blog contributor and team member is Jen Kerns, a thirteen year team captain for the DSACO Buddy Walk® in Columbus, Ohio. We welcome anyone to submit an articles for discussion on our website. If you want to leave a comment, select a specific article by clicking its title, go the bottom of the article and leave your reply in the comment box. Unfortunately in today’s cyber attacking world, we have a moderator review and approve all comment to prevent inappropriate language by hackers not associated with our Down syndrome community.

What features of Stride are different?

Ds-connex offers a comprehensive strategy to engage more donors and raise more money. In addition to our fundraising platform Stride, our team provides community outreach, social media campaigns and engagement, support for organizers, team captains and supporters and much more. Each year, ds-connex adds more capabilities to Stride based on the feedback from event coordinators and team captains.

Unique features of STRIDE


Easy to customize event fundraising website including rotating pictures, banner, and sponsor logos.

Visually appealing supporting the culture of Down syndrome events and their day of advocacy and celebration.

Each feature such as registration fees can be activated or deactivated by the event coordinators based on local event policies.

Reduced time to configure your event since Stride is loaded with default text for waivers, registration and donation receipts, team captain bio and other forms.

Cart System

Our unique Cart System allows participants to order hats, calendars, raffle tickets, lunches etc. at time of registration check out. Cart items can be added at any time and would be available to order by any registered participant. Stride reports will keep track of total amounts sold by each item.

Registration Process is Simple

Supporters can add multiple registrants, select from cart items and add a donation in one transaction. Event supporters will appreciate the one time entry of their credit information to complete all these transactions.

Donation Process is Simple

An individual has the option to donate to multiple walkers, teams or make a general donation at one time. Those needing to make multiple donations will also appreciate the need to only enter their credit information one time.

Team Communications

Team captains can create their own email or use several template options to communicate with all or selected team members and donors. These emails will simplify the communication process, remind team members of the goal and team logistics.

Payment Processing by Team Captains

Team captains can reduce the efforts of event coordinators by entering their own cash and check donations. All entries are marked as pending until approved.

Processing Fees

Event Coordinators can set up an optional or mandatory donation to cover all, some or none of the associated costs of online processing. This features can be used to cover the cost of credit card processing and/or fees association with usage of the website.

Where can I submit an enhancement for Stride?

Ds-connex encourages event coordinators that utilize the Stride fundraising solution to make suggestions for future enhancements as part of the annual survey at the end of each year. Ds-connex is committed to making enhancements each year to benefit event coordinators, team captains and event supporters. Enhancements can also be submitted under Fundraising tab on the navigation bar, click the drop down titled “Stride Training”. On the right side of the page there is a “Tell Us” box. Submit any suggestions to Stride here.

Can Stride be used for a 5K event?

Yes, Stride registration types can accommodate 5K registrations as part of a walk or independent of a walk event.

Does ds-connex work with Buddy Walk® and Step Up events?

Yes, our ds-connex team supports outreach and social engagement for any Buddy Walk®, Step Up or self-branded walks. The Stride fundraising solution can be customized for any type of Down syndrome event.

Do you charge for services?

Ds-connex is funded by The Wells Foundation and provides year-round advice on social media strategies and fundraising best practices at no charge. For those locations using the Stride fundraising solution, we charge a percentage for online funds raised enabling us to cover our technology cost. Please contact info@ds-connex.org for pricing information.