Our Social Strategy


Listening in the realm of social media refers to understanding who is talking about you and what they are saying.  Gaining this understanding allows for an organization to better respond to misconceptions, provide superior services, and plan ahead. Ds-connex utilizes the social media listening tool Sysomos MAP, in combination with Google Analytics, to provide guidance to you.

Valuable Content

Interesting and specific content is key to engaging your audience. And in order to successfully accomplish this, you must understand who your supporters are and what type of information they are seeking from your organization. Ds-connex can help guide you to better understanding the type of content that your audience deems valuable.

with Supporters

Engaging with supporters is essential to the success of an organization’s social media strategy. Interaction develops and deepens relationships and spreads awareness about important issues. In order to successfully engage your audience, ds-connex will provide you with social media best practices, help you determine which social media solution is best for reaching your supporters and set goals for measuring results.

A Voice

So many of our Down syndrome fundraising walks only have a voice in the community several months a year. Engaging and communicating with your audience year-round is necessary to sustain those relationships you worked so hard to build. Ds-connex can help you maintain relationships throughout the year, even after your event is over.