A Time to Spread Sunshine and Thank our Community Heroes

Author: Jen Franklin Kearns, ds-connex team member

Current events are certainly leaving us feeling unsettled these days. As difficult as it can seem sometimes, it’s important to seek out the positives so we can try to create a happier environment for our families, and for ourselves. Whenever troubled times arise, we’re often reminded of this Mr Rogers quote:

“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.’”

By “looking for the helpers,” or by becoming the helpers, we can help put a happier spin on heavy days and make lighthearted memories.

Here at ds-connex, we want to help recognize the helpers who surely surround us. We’re excited to do this in two ways, and we hope you will join us in bringing some cheer to these uncertain days.

Spread Sunshine in Your Community

Perhaps you’ve noticed paper hearts proudly displayed in your neighbors’ windows when you take your dog for a walk. Maybe a friend has brightened your day with a surprise treat left on your front porch. Have you left an inspirational message, written in chalk, for people to find? We want to hear about it! Share with us how you’re spreading sunshine, or how you’ve been basking in the figurative sunshine of others’ acts of kindness, and we’ll share these stories on our social media. Let’s add some light to the darkness and share some smiles!

Spotlight Heroes

Do you have a family member who is a healthcare provider, a police officer, or a firefighter? Is your friend or neighbor an essential worker, still reporting to work everyday even when most of us can stay safe at home? We want to thank them by sharing their story and letting everyone know about their heroic efforts during this pandemic. They deserve the spotlight, and we want to help!

To participate in either of these social media campaigns, please send a detailed story to support@ds-connex.org and include each of the following: your name, the name of the person/people in your story, your city/state, and a high-quality photo that we can share with your tale of sunshine and/or heroism. We can’t wait to read your submissions and learn about these wonderful helpers!

Please note: by submitting an entry, you are granting ds-connex permission to edit your story for length/grammar and post your photo/story across our social media channels.

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